BIGBEN has always made a point of attending the major national and international trade fairs. Whether for professionals or the general public, for the Group these events are a herished window on market developments and provide the chance to spend a special moment with its partners. Throughout the year, BIGBEN also strives to provide its customers with original activities and avant-premières based on its catalogue.



CES (Las Vegas – January)
Maison & Objets (Paris – January & September)
GDC (San Francisco – Mars)
Hong Kong Fairs (Hong Kong – April & October)
BIGBEN WEEK (Paris – May)
E3 (Los Angeles – June)
IFA (Berlin Trade Show – September)
Gamescom Business Area (Köln – August)
Gamers Assembly (France – 21.000 visitors)
DreamHack (Spain – 30.000 visitors)
Gamescom (Germany – 345.000 visitors)
IFA (Germany – 240.000 visitors)
First Look Utrecht (Nederlands – 40.000 visitors)
Madrid Games Week (Spain – 90.000 visitors)
Milano Games Week (Italy – 70.000 visitorrs)
Paris Games Week (France – 350.000 visitors)
Lucca Comics & Games (Italy – 350.000 visitors)