Identities & International

  • Corporate Identities

    Bigben entities

    Bigben Interactive S.A.
    396 rue de la Voyette, CRT 2 FRETIN
    CS 90414
    59818 Lesquin – France
    Bigben Connected S.A.S.
    65-67 rue de la Victoire
    75009 Paris – France
    Espace 3 Game’s S.A.S.
    396 rue de la Voyette, CRT 2 FRETIN
    CS 90414
    59818 Lesquin – France


    Bigben Interactive Belgium S.A.
    Avenue Ernest Solvay                        1480 Tubize – Belgium
    Bigben Interactive Nederland BV
    Franciscusweg, 249                              1216 SG Hilversum – Nederland
    Bigben Interactive GmbH
    Walter Gropius Str. 28
    50126 Bergheim – Germany


    Bigben Interactive Italia S.R.L.
    Corso Sempione, 221
    20025 Legnano (MI) – Italy
    Bigben Interactive España S.L.
    C/ Musgo 5, 2ª planta,
    28023 Madrid – Spain
    Bigben Interactive (HK) Limited
    Nº5, 15th Floor 148 Electric Road North Point – Hong Kong
  • International

    Bigben - International Presence

    The steady and sustained rhythm of growth has made the Export unit the primary axis for development of the company. It confirms the leadership of the brand in video games accessories for continental Europe and is the vector for strengthening market positions in other regions. With the acquisition of Modelabs, the unit is now present in the telephony sector. This avenue of international development is becoming primordial for the entire Group.

    Alongside the affiliates based in Benelux, Germany, Spain, Italy and Hong Kong, the Export department, based in Lesquin since 2003, allows Bigben Interactive to extend its coverage over all the group’s businesses. In addition to Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, UK, the Scandinavian countries, Southern Europe (Portugal, Croatia, Greece, etc.) and the Eastern European countries (Russia, Poland, Hungry, etc.), other distribution agreements will be set up in the emerging markets.

    Through ventures with partners, fully established in their respective regions, Bigben Interactive is committed to a genuine bilateral cooperation strategy. Each foreign supplier therefore benefits from special attention in terms of logistics and managing the export document chain, contributing to the company’s competitiveness on international markets.

    By also relying on its marketing team, operating out of the same headquarters building, the Export unit of Bigben Interactive offers real support and assistance to its foreign partners. Each regional or national individuality is accounted for in preparing packaging, manuals and tools for assisting sales and increasing product prominence.