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The Bigben Group is currently a group of close to 750 employees, the HQ of which is based in Lesquin, in the North of France. Initially focussed on supplying electronic items, it then diversified into multimedia and video games. It did so with success as, from then on, its popularity went beyond French borders.

At the origin of this rise in 1981, Alain Falc got into the supply and then manufacturing of electronic products. He very quickly anticipated technological progress in the booming video games sector. Having become the French leader in the market of accessories for video game consoles at the start of the millennium, the group began its international
development by buying up several publishers and distributors (England and Benelux) and creating an affiliate in Germany and a design office in Hong Kong.This expansion abroad continues with the opening of 3 new affiliates in Italy, Spain and the USA.

Entered onto the Paris stock exchange in 1999,  Bigben Interactive initiates its diversification strategy by adding the distribution and publishing of videogames to its businesses, which allowed it to establish itself among the major publishers. In 2011, Bigben Interactive also bought the branch of the Parisian Company ModeLabs specialised in accessories for mobiles (protective cases, carry cases, etc.).This was a fruitful strategy as accessories for smartphones, now stamped Bigben Connected, are currently a dynamic sector for Bigben Interactive and are a showcase for its partnerships with the biggest brands.

In 2016, the Bigben Group established a prestigious partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the marketing of its accessories under the Nacon® brand, including its Revolution Pro controllers under PS4® license. In 2018/2019, the Group acquired 4 major development studios – Cyanide, Kylotonn, Eko Software, Spiders – and took a stake in a fifth Italian studio – Lunar Great Wall studios S.r.l. (RaceWard).

On October 31, 2019, the Bigben Group approved the partial contribution of assets from its Gaming branch (grouping Games and Accessories) into a Nacon subsidiary, which went public on March 4, 2020 – Euronext C.

February 2020, Nacon acquired RIG, famous American Gaming Headset brand well-known worldwide.

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