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In a mass market electronics industry that never stops innovating and adding new applications (3D, motion recognition, touch, 4G, nomad, all-online…), it is critical to keep an eye on technology and the competition to maintain your future prospects. The Bigben group, thanks to its design divisions in Europe and Hong Kong, is intent on adding to its catalogues with new items, creativity and imagination.

By diversifying its business in the video game, mobile phone and audio sectors, Bigben is developing its product portfolio complementarity, and is opening up pathways for a group with a bright future.

These divisions are leaders in their respective markets, blessing the group with unusually high development potential. The watchword is Convergence, based on the strengths, knowledge and expertise of each domain. All of these synergies promise a great future for this group.

  • Our business

    For over thirty years, Bigben has been bringing its knowledge and creativity to several digital entertainment sectors.
    Thanks to its extensive range of accessories for mobiles, tablets and audio products, the group and its products have become well established in the heart of European households. Its ambition in the video games sector have allowed Bigben to claim its place among the major publishers.
    Through this synergy of activities, each member of the family can find themselves in one of the worlds offered by Bigben:
    • Via Bigben Interactive
      • Design and distribution of accessories for video game consoles
      • Design and distribution of audio products
      • Design and distribution of connected objects 
      • Publishing and distribution of video games
    • Via Bigben Connected
      • Design and distribution of accessories for smartphones and tablets
  • Smartphones & Tablets Accessories


    Leader in the sector of mobile phone accessories, Bigben Connected has a rich catalogue of over 1100 models and licences with a high added value. Constantly on the lookout for new development in the market and fashion trends, Bigben Connected was able to anticipate the changes in consumer behaviour by enlarging its catalogue of accessories and top of the range products.

    The agreements signed with several globally renowned brands (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix) is proof of the trust, that these big names in luxury place, in Bigben Connected to produce mobile phone accessories under their licences. The team in charge of licensing has therefore been strengthened, with the aim of offering brands coming from even more diverse worlds.

    La collection Ora ïto Mobility, en collaboration avec Bigben

    This is how the partnership developed between Bigben Connected and the French designer Ora-Ïto, creator of a range of headphones and phone cases showcasing noble
    and innovative materials.

    Three products, on-ear headphones Gïotto and Ayrtön as well as the Mïcha charger, were rewarded with the prestigious IF Design Awards 2014 in the Products category. Created in 1953, the IF Design Awards recognize outstanding projects in terms of design and are among the world’s most prestigious prizes.The Gïotto headphones, the Emïly speaker and the Louïse case have won 2014 Red Dot Design Awards. The Red Dot Design Awards were created in 1955. The prize is awarded to outstanding, cutting edge projects in design terms. Recipient products are displayed in the Red Dot Museum in Singapore and in the annual Red Dot Design book.

    The Gïotto headphones, the Emïly speaker and the Louïse, from the Ora-Ïto Mobility collection, case have won 2014 Red Dot Design Awards

    The Gïotto headphones, the Emïly speaker and the Louïse, from the Ora-Ïto Mobility collection, case have won 2014 Red Dot Design Awards


    On a completely different note, the top class sports brand Le Coq Sportif is placing its signature on several accessories such as Bluetooth® speakers, headphones and phone cases.

    Bigben Ranges

    Bigben - Gamme de produits pour Smartphones et Tablettes (Bigben Smart & Bigben Collection)

    Alongside the collections benefiting from big brand names, Bigben Connected is producing its own line of essential accessories under the Bigben Collection brand. Its universal or
    specific cases and holders showcase a simple and clean design. Working in collaboration with the brand, the Bigben Smart range provides all the connectors essential for smartphones from the main manufacturers, such as Apple or Samsung.

    Discover all the Bigben’s accessories for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Audio

    The core business of the Bigben Group, the audio branch was able to breathe new life onto the shelves of the department stores in France, Germany and Benelux, but also, more recently, in Spain and Italy.

    Bigben Sound

    Bigben - Bigben Sound Range

    The department is looking to develop original models under its own brand, Bigben Sound. Hi-fi stereos, multimedia towers, speakers with Bluetooth® technology, radio-alarm
    clocks…, the range of products that make up the Bigben Sound catalogue is vast and includes numerous products that are sought after by the general public. Thanks to constant strategic monitoring, Bigben Interactive was able to accurately predict the return of vinyl. The excellent sales of its encoder record players prove the sound basis of the choices made by the audio team.


    Bigben - Audio range, licenced Coca-Cola & Freegun

    As Bigben Interactive went from strength to strength over the years in the world of audio, many prestigious names joined forces with the group to offer products with an original design. The latest licencing agreement from the company concerns the streetwear Freegun brand, for which the group created a collection including radio-alarm clocks, Bluetooth® speakers and multimedia towers. Freegun therefore joins Coca-Cola as one of Bigben Interactive’s partner brands.

    Discover all the Bigben Sound audio products

    Thomson Audio Video

    Thomson Audio - Video Range
    In January 2014, Bigben Interactive signed a licencing agreement with the French company Technicolor. The agreement enabled the group to use the Thomson brand on all its products from its audio and video ranges.

    This particularly rewarding partnership enabled the world of Bigben Sound to capitalise on the brand image of Thomson products, a quality guarantee for the public.

  • Bigben Publishing

    Today Bigben Interactive’s acknowledged position as a video games’ publisher enables them to publish AAA titles and is a reward for the strategy pursued over several years by the Software division.

    WRC (World Rally Championship) is the most sought after racing game licence due to the realism of its simulation.
    Run by Bigben Interactive since 2013, this licence will soon have a new game which will make the title a real driving simulator. The French studio Kylotonn Games, who were entrusted with the game’s development, has a sophisticated physics engine which will satisfy even the most demanding of players.

    This title brings Bigben Interactive closer to the base of core and mid-core gamers that the company wants to reach with its high quality sporting simulations.

    RUGBY 15, a great videogame success in 2014 for Bigben Interactive


    Thanks to an upmarket move which has been perfected and planned over several years, Bigben Interactive has been invited into the circle of major publishers. Thus, in November 2014, the group published Rugby 15, the first rugby game on the next generation consoles. This best-seller relies on official and exclusive licences from four major rugby leagues: Aviva, Top 14, Pro D2 and Pro 12.

    The renewed confidence of its partners from the sporting world now allows Bigben Interactive to produce two more simulation games based on major licences and also promises them a bright future.

    With Handball Challenge 14, Bigben Interactive has created the reference game in the world of handball. The three most prestigious leagues are represented in it: Championnat
    de France, Bundesliga and Liga Asobal. Its innovative gameplay faithfully recreates the feelings on the court.

    At the edges of this publisher work, Bigben Interactive is also the exclusive supplier of two recent titles from the Milestone studio which have been very successful with players and
    critics alike: MotoGP™14 and MXGP.

    Bigben Interactive also includes family games in its upmarket strategy. Using licences that are very popular in all countries like Astérix or Hello Kitty, allows it to reach the wider audience of young and casual gamers.

    The company is also investing in the digital games market and offers its titles via download on 17 digital platforms, including, Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop, and the Apple App Store. This strategy is popular with the public as 4.5 million demo versions were downloaded last year. For 2015, Bigben Interactive plans to launch 135 titles on digital platforms, encouraged by the excellent figures of 2014.

    Discover all the Bigben Interactive’s video games

  • Tablets

    Attentive to the new expectations of consumers, Bigben Interactive is planning to launch a wide range of high tech, mobile and connected products. The development of these products, which is being carried out internally, reflects the knowledge and skills of the teams involved at each stage of the process. With this in mind, the company is already offering 3 tablets which are each targeting a different audience. All these tablets benefit from a partnership concluded with Gameloft, one of the major studios of mobile gaming.

    Bigben - Gamme de Produits - Tablettes

    The 7” tablet for kids provides them with a simple environment to grasp thanks to its Kid’oz interface, as well as completely safe surfing thanks to the multi award winning Witigo parental controls.

    The “Unity” tablet is an accessible alternative in a market dominated by the major brands. It runs on Android, the leading operating system of Google, to provide a comprehensive
    and uncompromising mobile experience thanks to its technical specifications designed for multimedia.

    Lastly, the GAMETAB-ONE is a tablet dedicated especially to gaming. It comes with its own controller which means you can turn it into a real portable console and it brings together all the essential technical specifications to be able to enjoy the most recent games.

    Discover the GAMETAB-ONE

  • Gaming Accessories

    The company’s purpose of offering innovative, high quality, practical and diverse ranges has made Bigben Interactive a benchmark brand that has gained the confidence of both gamers and the general public. The brand has become a standout label. Bigben Interactive’s desire to offer quality ranges that are innovative, practical and diverse has made them a model in the field. For over 20 years now regular and casual gamers have known and appreciated the name, which has become a fully-fledged brand that is found in smartphone, tablet and all media product departments.

    It has Research & Development offices in Lille, which has both electronic and design engineers and graphic artists, as well as a Hong Kong-based technical and specialised support for electronics, mechanical, quality and safety. This organisation ensures ongoing synergy between the different divisions as well as efficiency in the production chain, from design to distribution.

    Bigben Play

    Bigben - Accesoires de jeu - Licences Téo Jasmin et FREEGUN

    In addition to the traditional accessories at the company’s origins, the Bigben Interactive offer is regularly improved with new items, linked to technological changes and changes in style and consumer requirements. The teams of designers and graphic designers offer original collections adapted to the current trends and different audiences, as well as kids packs with controllers for hardcore gamers.

    Its popularity in the industry means it is approached for large scale partnerships. The biggest global players in multimedia now entrust it with the production of their auxiliary merchandise and major licences from the sporting world join forces with the group for their gaming accessories.

    The company makes the news regularly with new product launches, the result of the hundred or so patent applications submitted yearly.


    Bigben - Accesoires de jeu - NACON

    Strengthened by its experience in gamer equipment on consoles, the group is now targeting the PC gamers market by selling the new Nacon range: gaming peripherals offering immediate ease of use without any prior adjustments. This line of accessories includes optical and laser mice, a controller and a keyboard adapted to the demands of the best players. The catalogue is designed to be expanded with other products like headsets.

    Turtle Beach

    Bigben, distributeur des casques gamer Turtle Beach

    In January 2011, Bigben Interactive signed an exclusive partnership with the world leader of headset gaming, Turtle Beach, and is offering 30 products from its catalogue. After the continued success in France and Benelux, this distribution agreement was extend in 2013 to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

    Thanks to the excellent showcasing of these headsets in specialised department stores and during public exhibitions, Bigben Interactive has succeeded in placing Turtle Beach in a challenging position on the French market. Its market shares in Europe are now at 40% of the global turnover.

    Discover all the gaming accessories designed and distributed by Bigben

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