Licencing agreement for the brand Thomson

The group Bigben Interactive is proud to announce that it has signed a licencing agreement with the company Technicolor for the brandThomson, one of the most prestigious French mass market electronics brands of the last 50 years.

This exclusive licence, which will apply throughout Europe, will cover theAudio-Video range of the brand for all of the associated mass market equipment.

It will enable Bigben Interactive to use the Thomson brand for all products in the audio range (portable radios, multimedia towers, radio alarm clocks, soundbars, etc.), as well as products from the video range (home cinema, DVD players, etc.).

By expanding its offer with a high-profile mass-market brand, the Group is taking a key step in the development of its Bigben Sound range, which has met with increasing success over the last 5 years.

Alain Falc, Chief Executive Officer of Bigben Interactive stated, “The Thomson brand is a genuine mark of quality. Its name is associated with the major successes of French electronics; this partnership adds substantial value to our group as it demonstrates our expertise in developing French multimedia products that shine on the European stage.”

“Technicolor has chosen a partner with strong potential for international development in order to ensure the continuity and breadth of coverage of its Thomson brand audio and video product range,” explained Manuèle Wahl, Senior Vice President with Technicolor. “The brand will provide a broader product offer with new designs so users will be able to enjoy their music, radio, films and other IT and leisure content.”


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