Overpass will be available in the Epic Games Store

December 18th, 2019, Lesquin — Bigben is pleased to announce that OverpassTM will be part of the Epic Game Store catalogue as soon as it is released on February 27th 2020. The digital PC version of the game will be sold as an exclusive on the Epic Game Store for one year.

In Overpass™, the player takes control of powerful buggies and quads, scrabbling across extreme tracks and very hazardous terrain. This simulation, unique in its genre, pits the player against craggy slopes and puts their cool-headedness to the test throughout technical obstacle courses along wilderness tracks. Overpass™’s realistic physics engine requires you to keep precise and meticulous control of your speed and acceleration or you risk losing your grip and failing your crossing. You’ll need to master the technical characteristics of official reproductions of buggies and quads from iconic brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki or Arctic Cat. Differential locking, 2 or 4 drive wheels, transmission type: the player has been given all the tools they need to discover the real vehicle options that will let them adapt their driving to the terrain.

Overpass™ will be available on PlayStation 4TM, Xbox One, PC in the Epic Games Sore the 27th of February 2020 and later on Nintendo Switch.

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